Lees wat sê hierdie jong meisie…dis ware, wyse woorde!


I thought I was doing really well.

I was settling back into life in Georgia and feeling pretty accomplished. I found a place to live, a job, a gym, a routine. I was running, I was working, I was doing well in school, I was laughing with my friends. I was set.

All at once, it came crashing down. A series of events in a few weeks took my carefully tailored life into a tailspin. The physical pain I began to experience in my back was growing increasingly unbearable. My mind was slowly bending to its breaking point. Pain can do that to you–it can take every bit of sanity you think you hold and slowly burn it to the ground.

I kept pushing through. I kept thinking, it will get better, push through. Just push through the pain.

Body hurts? Push through! Heart hurts? Suck it up! That’s the only way I’ve ever known. Survive and push through.

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